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Featuring American Idol's Season 4, Nikko Smith 
Completed April 2010

Directed by Kevin Coleman-Cohen
Produced by Kevin Coleman-Cohen & Derrick Phillips
Cinematography by Leah Anova
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SNAPSHOT (drama) - short - completed. Release date: September 2005 

Written by John Cruz
Produced by Brian Armes
Directed by Kevin Coleman-Cohen

Tagline: In an East Los Angeles community, some use guns to settle issues; a seventeen year-old girl meets them head on and stands with a weapon of her choice, a camera.

Story: Esperanza is an aspiring photographer from a quiet neighborhood in Pasadena. Her best friend, Rosa, has recently become involved with Al, a gang leader from a gritty East Los Angeles neighborhood. Rosa takes Esperanza to Boyle Heights to meet Al. He shows them around his neighborhood, his gang, and his family, opening Espeanza's eyes to both the depravity and the beauty of life in Al's barrio. Esperanza's naivety and brandishing of her camera causes a disturbance in Al's set which endangers the lives of everyone she cares for. After that tragic day, Esperanza must decide what her life will become as she faces the loss of those she loves caused by the art she loves. 
(Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA)


2nd Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival 2012 (Official Selection)
18th Annual African-American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase, 
Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center "Reel Black Men Showcase" 2011
Lionsgate, Expose Your Shorts 2010
Black Reel Award 2007
Hollywood Black Film Festival 2006 (Best Student Film)
Urbanworld Film Festival 2006 (Official Selection)
World Fest Houston 2006 (Grand Remy Award)
Urban Media Makers Film Festival 2006 (Official Selection)
River's Edge Film Festival 2005 (Official Selection)

PRETTY BOY  (short drama) -  Written by Kevin Coleman​-Cohen and co written by Renee McClellan. 
Story by Kevin Coleman-Cohen. Produced and Directed by Kevin Coleman-Cohen. Produced by Jonathan D. Boyce​.  Co-produced by Derrick Phillips. The film was formerly titled, Elon. 

Story: A homeless black male youth who engages in survival sex on the streets of St. Louis.  

Go Fund Me Campaign:  

Production: December 4, 2021 (Los Angeles, CA). Also shot on location in St. Louis, MO (June 2022)   
STATUS: Completed September 2022         

In Development - Elon (feature film), Release--2023 (based on the short film, Pretty Boy)

In Post-Production - Catching Bullets (feature documentary), Release--2023, (Directed by Ben Scholle, Produced by Derrick Phillips, Ben Scholle, and Kevin Coleman-Cohen.
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OSI (drama) - short - completed​. Release date: November 2011. Written by Reondo Minor. Produced by Kevin Coleman-Cohen and Derrick Phillips. Executive Produced by Markell Jones. 
Directed by Kevin Coleman-Cohen

Synopsis: Osi is a nice guy trying to do the right thing and protect his girlfriend Alyssa from the day to day life of being addicted to drugs. He is friends with Reggie the toughest guy and girlfriend stealer in a neighborhood of North St. Louis. Alyssa quickly sends their already troubled lives down a rabbit hole of betrayal when she falls into Reggie's trap. Osi confronts Reggie about his obsession with Alyssa which may jeopardize his quest for a better life. The film is a look at an inner city community where words are rarely used to solve problems. Enough killing! What if we walked away instead of fighting when there’s conflict . (Shot on location in St. Louis, MO)


2020 BHERC TV:  Black Hollywood Education Resource Center
2012 Reel Black Men Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood
BEST SHORT FILM, 2012 Charlotte Black Film Festival
2nd Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival, March 1-3 2012 (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Moolah Theatre & Lounge, November 3, 2011 at the Moolah Theatre and Lounge (St. Louis, MO)

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INDIE MUSIC VIDEO (Shot on location in St. Louis, MO)
Til Life Do Us Part (short drama)- Written by Kevin Bui. Story by Markell Jones. Directed and Produced by Kevin Coleman-Cohen. 

Logline: A love story.

Production: TBA

Golden Youth (short film) Written, Directed, and Produced by Kevin Coleman-Cohen. 

Story: A young suburban teen who answers a radio ad promising quick money and exotic traveling end up going door to door selling magazines must now try and escape an underground world of drugs, sex, and human trafficking.